Top 5 Puma Safety Shoes to Buy in 2019

For many tradies and craftsmen, the importance of work boots cannot be undervalued,  . The right pair of safety shoes can do more than just protect your toes. Quality work boots can also protect against slippery surfaces, extreme temperatures, sharp nails,  and even electrical charges.

And for many years Puma has been known as one of the best manufacturers of work boots and safety shoes across the world, thanks to their quality, innovation, and style.

Here we list our Top 10 Picks from Puma's safety shoes collection.

1. Puma Conquest

The Puma Conquest work boots were designed with extreme conditions in mind, this 7" boot that has a full waterproof membrane, YKK zip side and webbing to protect your feet from getting wet.

It also features an innovative fiberglass toe cap that has a 200j impact protection, the use of fiberglass allows for more space and comfort for your feet, without compromising on safety.

The slip resistant rubber outsole with mud-release profile was designed to give optimal performance in harsh conditions, including heat temperatures s up to 300°c, and electrical hazards.

The conquest is built with Puma's FAP® Flexible anti-penetration midsoles, which offer increased protection against penetration of sharp objects through the sole.

Buy Puma Conquest Work Boots - Black

Buy Puma Conquest Work Boots - Wheat


2. Puma Track

Puma Track Safety Runners

If you're looking for something that combines the best of being a sports runner and a safety boot, then look no further than the Puma Track.

This mid-cut safety runner features a smooth full leather body with TPU enforcements, and is built using the innovative IMPULSE.FOAM® anti-fatigue technology for increased cushioning, stability and comfort.

On the safety side, this shoe comes reinforced with a fibreglass toe cap with 200j impact protection, it is resistant to temperatures up to 300c, as well as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) rated.

Buy Puma Track Safety Runner

3. Puma Relay

The new Puma Relay is another unique crossover between sports runners and safety shoes, featuring the innovative IMPULSE.FOAM® anti-fatigue technology for increased cushioning, stability and comfort, while allowing more space for your toes thanks to the  fibreglass toe cap.

Safety wise the Puma Relay does not fail to impress, it features the same standard safety features available in most Puma models these days, starting with the 200j fiberglass toe cap, and including heat resistance up to 300°c, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection, and a slip resistant sole.

The Relay comes with Quickfit laces and a spare pair of standard laces for the wearer to choose from. It is available in two colors, red and black.

Buy Puma Relay Red

Buy Puma Relay Black

4. Puma Tanami

For many people, shoes with laces are not a preferred option, and for those who prefer safety shoes without laces, Puma has the Tanami work boots from the Scuff cap range.

The Tanami was named after the famous desert in northern Australia, which is also believed to be a derivative of the Native Australian name for the area, "Chanamee", meaning "never die".

The Puma Tanami is a metal free Elastic sided safety boot. Water resistant waxed leather upper, 300°C heat resistant rubber sole.

Puma Gel pad system embedded in the heel, coupled with a pu/poron insole for maximum comfort. Additionally this model is electrical hazard rated providing additional protection against electrical shock.

Buy Puma Tanami Brown

Buy Puma Tanami Black


5. Puma Tornado

This 6" boot is a new addition to Puma's Scuff cap range, it features a fibreglass toe cap which has greater room in the toe area whilst still providing toe protection for up to 200joules.

Just like it's name, the Puma Tornado was designed designed to give optimal performance in harsh conditions. With shock absorbing GelCell in the heel area, 300°c heat resistant, and slip resistant rubber outsole with mud release profile, there are almost no work conditions that this pair of boots can't handle.

The Puma Tornado comes in two colors, wheat and black.

Buy Puma Tornado Wheat

Buy Puma Tornado Black


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