SB Ear Clamp Pliers, 220 mm

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Knipex Tools 10 98 i220 8.75" Ear Clamp Pliers


Knipex ear clamp pliers are suitable for simple and reliable clamping of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps. The slim head design permits good accessibility in confined areas and will not damage the press points on the ear clamps. These pliers are crafted from high-grade special German tool steel; forged and oil-hardened. Knipex ear clamp pliers are available in either front jaw or front and side jaw models.


Quality in Every Detail


Sometimes we give our pliers a really hard time. We try to destroy them to find out what makes them good and long-lasting. Because we don't want to leave anything to chance, we take a long, careful look.


The steel Knipex uses is precisely hardened with a maximum of 0.8 percent carbon and defined parts of chromium and vanadium, guaranteeing optimum cutting performance and service life — even though it requires special production and costs a bit more. But our high product demands require this.


Knipex also looks closely at the small details. The angles, the sharpness, the hardness, the toughness of the cutting edges. The precision and smooth movement of the joint. The handle design and the finish. We keep reviewing these subjects, we research, we test, and we improve our pliers.



  • For the simple and reliable mounting of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps (Oetiker system or similar)

  • No damage to press points on the ear clamps

  • The slim head permits good accessibility in confined areas

  • Versatile use for clamps on CV boots, cooler and fuel lines, air pressure systems, compressors

  • Durable and strong High-grade special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened

  • Length: 220 mm

  • Net weight: 370 g

  • Non-slip grip handles


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