ROSSI 155A Inverter Welding Machine

ROSSI 155A Inverter Welding Machine

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Must Have Handyman4 Step Power Control
Gas Inlet5 KG Spools
AS/NZS StandardsAccessories
MIG TipsProtective Circuit
ROSSI Gas/Gasless Welder DC Welding MachineROSSI Powerful 155Amp MIG MAG Welding Machine



For your next welding project, get the job done right with the NEW Rossi MIG 155 Gas & Gasless Welder, a high powered quality machine that has a proven track record of innovation, performance and reliability - your guarantee of smooth accurate results every time.


Incorporating the latest MIG/MAG Technology, perfect for all-position welding with outstanding thin metal results and almost zero spatter cleanup! The Rossi 155 Series delivers a powerful 30-155A current with super stable arc force control - fabrication, repairs, metal body works, the Rossi 155 does it all!


The Rossi MIG 155 Welder is loaded features including 4 Step Power Control, On-the-fly Wire Feed Fine Tuning, Overheat/Over Current/Overload Protection and an impressive Duty Cycle - This is the MIG welding package for every tradesman!


The MIG/MAG 155 Welder from ROSSI is ideal for both home and workshop, is easy to operate and joins up to 12mm plate and most metals including steel, carbon steel, copper and more!


Rossi's Series are unbeatable! Compact, powerful and you don't have to stop to change rods or chip away spatter - weld like a pro! And when it comes to getting the job done fast, there's nothing like having the best equipment at hand.



  • Latest MIG/MAG Technology
  • 240V, using standard household single phase 201V 15Amp plug
  • Full 30-155Amp - Powerful Solid State MIG
  • Anti Stick Technology
  • Lengthy 2.0M Torch Lead
  • Variable On-the-fly Wire Feed and Four Step Power
  • Takes Up to 5Kgs Spools from 0.8-1.0mm
  • EMC and C-Tick Approval




Model Name:ROSSI 155A MIG MAG Gas/Gasless Inverter Welding Machine
Model Number/s:WLDMIGROSA155
Colour:Black and Red
Package Dimensions(cm):37 x 31 x44
INPUT Voltage:240V, 50Hz 201V (15A Plug)


Current Range:30-155Amps (Max)
Welder Type:Metal Inert/Active Gas (MIG/MAG)
Max Rated Input:15 Amp (Require 15Amp Socket)
No Load Voltage:23-38V
Duty Cycle:155A-10%, 62A-60%, 50A-100%
Insulation Class:IP21
Accessories:Rossi MIG 155, Welding Gun, Welding Helmet, Welding Wire Brush
Warranty:1 Year Warranty


  • 1x Rossi MIG 155
  • 1x Welding Gun
  • 1x Welding Helmet
  • 1x Welding Wire Brush
  • Earth Clamp

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