Protege 10bar Automatic Pump Controller

Protege 10bar Automatic Pump Controller

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Genuine Premium Pump ControllerClear LED Light
Accurate Pressure Gauge25MM BSP
Full IP ClassAustralian Standard Plug
Protege Genuine 240V 10bar Automatic Pump ControllerDesigned for General Use



Would it be nice to have a refreshing shower minus the hassle of water pressure fluctuation?


This Protege Automatic Pump Controller is the solution for constant stable 'on-demand' pressure that automatically fires up and shuts down on opening / close of any tap. Designed for permanent installation as a pressurised water source for general use in industry, farming and around your home, supplying strong 'mains equivalent' constant pressure.


These units offer full IP class protection, impact-resistant rust-free bodies with marine grade seals, are fully pre-wired to plug straight into any 240V socket - meaning you simply need to connect your pump and you're done. Along with clear LED function lights, accurate pressure gauge and more, this series truly is top of its class!


Automatic flow control:
The Protege pump controller features automatic switching which connects to your water pump and operates using its class leading electronic circuit board to sense the pressure and flow of water in the system. It automatically controls the flow of your water pump and stops immediately when pressure is reached or if the tap is closed.


Do you demand the best? Save water, time & money, pick up the latest Protege pump controller today!



  • Genuine Protege brand pump controller
  • Full automatic control switches pump on and off to save water
  • Clear LED status lights and accurate pressure gauge
  • Ideal for garden pumps, jet pumps, centrifugal pumps and stage pumps
  • Inlet/outlet 25mm BSP male (standard 1")
  • Full IP class protection, impact and rust-resistant
  • Easy to operate and install
  • SGS and C-Tick approvals




Model Name:10bar Automatic Pump Controller
Model Number/s:PRC150
Colour:Yellow & Black
Package Dimensions(cm):13 x 15 x 23
INPUT Voltage:240V 50Hz


Max Current:10A
Max Power:2.4KW
Connection Thread:R1
Max Working Pressure:10bar
Protection Rating:IP65
Starting Pressure:1.0-2.2bar
Max Operating Temperature:60 degrees celsius
Warranty:1 Year Warranty


  • 1x Protege Pump Controller

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