Makita 18V 3 Piece Cordless Combo Kit

Makita 18V 3 Piece Cordless Combo Kit

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  • DHP481Z - 18v Li-ion Cordless Brushless Hammer Driver Drill Skin
  • DTD148Z - 18V 175nm Brushless 1/4" Impact Driver Skin
  • DGA504Z - 18V 125mm Brushless Angle Grinder Skin
  • 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries
  • Charger
  • Carry Bag



DHP481Z - 18v Li-ion Cordless Brushless Hammer Driver Drill Skin





  • Durable aluminium gear housing
  • Mechanical 2 speed gearing with all metal gear construction
  • 125Nm Max lock torque delivers unbeatable power
  • XPT technology that protects against dust & moisture
  • Twin LED Job light with after-glow function


  • Impacts Per Minute - Hi: 0-31,500ipm
  • Impacts Per Minute - Lo: 0-8,250ipm
  • Max Fastening Torque - Hard: 115Nm
  • Max Fastening Torque - Soft: 60Nm
  • Net Weight: 2.7kg
  • No Load Speed - Hi: 0-2,100rpm
  • No Load Speed - Lo: 0-550rpm
  • Overall Length: 205mm
  • Specifications - Capacity - Masonry: 16mm
  • Specifications - Capacity - Steel: 13mm
  • Specifications - Capacity - Wood: 76mm
  • Voltage: 18V



DTD148Z - 18V 175nm Brushless 1/4" Impact Driver Skin





  • High performance Brushless DC motor
  • Enhanced dust and drip resistant performance
  • Battery fuel gauge indicates the remaining battery power in 3 stages
  • Increased max. fastening torque of 175Nm
  • Ultimately compact at only 119mm
  • 3 stage impact power selection
  • "T" mode: Fastening mode for self drilling screws
  • LED job light with afterglow function
  • One touch bit installation
  • Ergonomically designed rubbersied soft grip
  • Compatible with 1.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Includes Belt Clip (346317-0)







  • Drive Shank    6.35mm (1/4") Hex
  • Impact Rate - 1st    0-1,100ipm
  • Impact Rate - 2nd    0-2,600ipm
  • Impact Rate - 3rd    0-3,800ipm
  • Max Fastening Torque    175Nm
  • Net Weight    1.5kg
  • No Load Speed - 1st    0-1,100rpm
  • No Load Speed - 2nd    0-2,100rpm
  • No Load Speed - 3rd    0-3,600rpm
  • Overall Length    119mm
  • Specifications - Capacity - Coarse Thread    22-125mm
  • Specifications - Capacity - High Tensile Bolt    M5-M14
  • Specifications - Capacity - Machine Screws    M4-M8
  • Specifications - Capacity - Standard Bolt    M5-M16
  • Voltage    18V




DGA504Z - 18V 125mm Brushless Angle Grinder Skin




  • Easy to hold grip design with rubber for anti-skid
  • Worlds deepest concrete cutting mobile angle grinder at a depth of 20mm
  • Excellent performance - as powerful as AC model
  • Gear housing can be rotated to suit most cutting and grinding applications
  • Automatic speed control changes the cutting speed according to load condition for an optimum operation
  • Removable dust cover
  • Anti-restart function prevents accidental startup for safety even if the machien is plugged to powersorce with the lock-on switch on
  • Extreme protection technology for use in outdoor applications or harsh environments, protection from dust and dripping water is enhanced




  • Voltage: 18V
  • Wheel diameter: 125mm
  • No load speed: 8,500rpm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 362mm x 140mm x 145mm
  • Weight: 2.1kg

2 x 5.0Ah Batteries BL1850B-L




  • Integrated L.E.D. battery charge level indicator allows user to monitor battery charge
  • Up to 66% more run time per charge compared to BL1830
  • Fast 45 minute charging time
  • Battery delivers consistent power and run time in extreme temperatures, even in winter (-20°C)
  • Impact-resistant outer case and shock-absorbing inner-liner are engineered to protect the battery
  • Sixteen contact terminals maintain a constant connection with the tool to help prevent power loss or fluctuation, even during high-vibration applications
  • Battery resists self-discharge and remains ready for use even after long periods of storage
  • Sensitive electronics are protected with a thick gel coating, preventing damage against dust and moisture
  • Star protection computer controls - includes overload protection, over-discharge protection and over heat protection
  • The battery and tool communicate, protecting your tool and battery from overload by cutting power when put under abnormally high current draw
  • If the battery reaches a certain level of heat it will cut power to the tool, protecting the tool and battery from overheating




  • Voltage: 18V
  • Amp hour: 5.0Ah
  • Cell type: Lithium-Ion
  • Charging time: 45 minutes
  • Weight: 0.6kg
14.4V - 18V Active 3 Li-Ion Rapid Charger 195589-2
  • Fast charging - charges Li-Ion 3.0Ah battery in only 22 minutes;
  • Built-in CPU - gathers information from the battery's memory chip to determine optimum charging method;
  • Forced air cooling fan - cools the battery to minimise charging time;
  • Digital power display identifies the condition of the battery and charging condition;
  • Cell capacity - 1.5-5.0Ah
  • Charge time:
  • 1.5Ah - 15mins
  • 3.0Ah - 22mins
  • 4.0Ah - 36mins
  • 5.0Ah - 45mins
  • Net weight - 820g
  • Overall length - 185mm
  • Voltage - 18V



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