Kincrome Power Pak II Multi-Function Jump Starter 600CCA

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"Jump Starter



  • The KINCROME POWER PAK™ PLUS II Multi-Function Jump Starter is very similar to the KINCROME POWER PAK™ II, however the PLUS makes it bigger and better!

  • Holding almost twice as much power as the base POWER PAK™ II, the KINCROME POWER PAK™ PLUS II allows you to jump start larger vehicles, power your devices for longer, or give a significantly larger number of jump starts between recharges!

  • The POWER PAK™ PLUS features the same great accessories allowing the user to charge their mobile devices, power small 12V accessories, recharge laptops, jump-start vehicles etc. Now with a heavy duty protective rubber cover which protects your vehicles paint or engine components from scratches.

  • The POWER PAK™ PLUS II is capable of jump starting up to V8 vehicles, both petrol and diesel (with a maximum cold crank amp output of 600CCA) such as motorcycles, boats, farm equipment, motor-homes, small & large cars, machinery & commercial vehicles.

  • The Jumpstarter includes an LED light to see under the bonnet or use it when changing a tyre in the dark and an SOS safety illumination feature for use in the event of an unwanted emergency.

  • The KINCROME POWER PAK™ PLUS II features the “Intelli-check” jumper leads! The “Intelli-check” jumper leads provide additional protection for both your vehicles electronic components & the jump-starter itself.



  • Jump starts up to 8 cyl petrol & diesel vehicles, motorcycles & equipment (up to 600CCA battery rating)

  • Charges cameras, laptops, tablets & mobile phones

  • Ideal for emergencies: camping, boating & holidays

  • Heavy duty protective rubber cover



  • 5V 1A, 5V 2A - Mobile Phone, Tablet, PSP, MP3/MP4 Players

  • 12V 10A - 12V Devices, Air Pump etc

  • 19V 3.5A - Laptops

  • 12V Jump Starter - Jumpstart up to 8Cyl Petrol/Diesel Vehicles or Vehicles with a battery CCA (Cold Crank Amp) rating of 600CCA or less

  • LED Light: Light, Strobe, SOS

  • Input: 15V 1.0A

  • Starting Current: 300A

  • Peak Current: 600A

  • Lifetime: >1000 Cycles




  • Laptop charger adaptors

  • Multi-Purpose accessory cable

  • Electronic device charging cable

  • Intelli-Check jumper cables

  • Storage case

  • 12V DC car charger

  • 240V AC charger

  • 12V DC female adaptor



  • Battery Capacity 22.2Wh (6100 mAh)

  • Battery Cells 3

  • Input 15V/1A

  • Output 5V/1A - Mobile Phones, iPod

  • Output 5V/2A - iPad, Tablet, PC, PSP, MP3/MP4

  • Output 12V/10A - 12V Devices, Air Pumps, etc

  • Output 19V/3.5A - Laptops

  • Starting Current 300A

  • Peak Current 600A

  • Lifetime >1000 Cycles

  • Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C (4°F ~ 140°F)

  • Jump Start 12V Petrol & Diesel vehicles up to V8

  • Starting Ability Up to 20 Starts Per Charge

  • LED Light Light, Strobe, Emergency SOS

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