Heavy Duty Inner Tie Rod Removal Tool Set

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"Inner Tie Rod Set


Auto mechanics and car enthusiasts will appreciate the Inner Tie Rod Removal Tool. This tool allows you to replace the ends of an inner tie rod without going through the time and hassle of removing the rack and pinion.


Designed for a wide variety of tie rods, this tool comes with seven crow's feet — 1-3/16", 1-1/4", 1-5/16", 1-7/16" and Metric 14mm, 17mm, 33.6mm, that is total of 7 pcs adapters. When equipped, the removal tool will engage the otherwise inaccessible wrench flats.


The Inner Tie Rod Removal Tool may just be an essential part of your auto repair. And at this price, you won't regret your purchase.



  • Access inner tie rods without removing rack and pinion

  • Seven crow's feet: 1-3/16",1-1/4",1-5/16",1-7/16" and Metric 14mm, 17mm, 33.6mm

  • Heavy-duty craftsmanship

  • Model Code: HUH-OD



1 x Inner Tie Rod Tool Set

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