60W UV Filter Pump External Canister 2400L/H

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"External Filter


The Protégé Ultra Series delivers a smooth consistent flow of water to pass through the filtration system. It provides the water flow that is vital for effectively distributing oxygen to fishes and other aquarium inhabitants. Aside from aeration and water circulation, the pump can also operate ornaments and create currents inside the tank.




Add mechanical filter pads to effectively remove unsightly particles from the water, including fish excrement, sludge, uneaten food and dust.



Adding activated carbon and resins will remove various pollutants including dissolved organic compounds and keep the water crystal clear without odor. Effective at removing impurities such as copper, chlorine, dissolved proteins, medications, tap water and impurities. Perfect for sensitive fish and invertebrates.


BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION - If you have a heavily stocked aquarium or very large fish that produces a greater amount of metabolic waste, just add biological material. These very porous ceramic noodles and bio balls allow efficient biological filtration to effectively process ammonia.



Through continual use, UV sterilizers can help manage water quality issues due to micro-organisms such as bacteria, algae, and parasites. Free-floating microorganisms in the passing water are affected by the UV light and are no longer able to multiply. Compact and easy to set-up, the HW Series is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Maintaining the filter is very simple. The drip-free shut-off tap allows you to remove the filter and transport it away from your aquarium fish tank to an area more suitable for cleaning. The benefit of an external filter such as this is that you can check if there are clogs or blockage without greatly disturbing the fish, decorations or the substrata of the tank.



  • Genuine Protege Pro-Series External Aquarium Filter AND Pump - Impressive filtration of 2,400L/h!

  • Multi-Stage system allows biological, mechanical, chemical and UV filtration

  • Drip-free shut off tap for easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Easy access filtration baskets (3) with handles

  • Compact and durable casing

  • Quick connect hoses and fittings

  • Easy-prime - just fill with water, plug in and push the button

  • Ideal for filter sponge, ceramic noodles, bio balls and carbon

  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums up to 300L or less



  • Flow Rate: 2,400 Liters per hour

  • Tank Capacity: Suitable for tanks of up to 480L

  • Frequency: 50Hz

  • Input: 240v AC

  • Power: 60W

  • Head-Max output: 1.4m (for optimum output this unit should sit beside or below the tank)

  • Hose:

  • Internal diameter 19mm

  • External diameter 25mm

  • Length 1.8m (x2)

  • Power cable length: 1.6m

  • Bio ball capacity: 30-40 (not included)

  • This unit is suitable for use in an indoor environment only.



  • 1x Protégé External Filter and Pump Canister

  • 3x Filtration Baskets

  • 2x Piping

  • Connectors & Tubing

  • UV Filter Lamp

  • Biological/ Chemical Filter Materials NOT INCLUDED

  • Owner's Manual

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