550W Electric Motorised 8 inch Jockey Wheel

550W Electric Motorised 8 inch Jockey Wheel

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Reduce the risk of damaging your caravan as you struggle to try to park it in exactly the right spot.


The Mini Mover® 12V Motorised Jockey Wheel makes it easy to maneuver your trailer, caravan, boat, watercraft, or horse float. It utilizes a powerful motor (12V/ 550W) to drive the wheel pn an inline of up to 7 degrees on hard surfaces at approximately 6-7 meters per minute with safe maneuvering of caravans or trailers up to 2722Kg (6000lbs).


With both forward and reverse, a wide 85mm heavy duty anti-slip rubber wheel and an automatic braking system moving your trailer around becomes a breeze.


Power is supplied from either a DC12V, 24Ah auxiliary battery or the caravan or boat in-built supply (battery not included)


  • Motor & Gear system: DC motor provides power to the gear mechanism, and reduction gears converts motor power into moving force.
  • Heavy Duty anti-slip rubber wheel
  • Forward and Reverse Control
  • Automatic Brake
  • Pulling Power – 550W Motor (more power than the conventional 350w motor)
  • Made from high quality aluminium with powder coating
  • Lock & Keys Included (bonus)




  • Max Vehicle Load:2722KG
  • Max Jockey Wheel Load: 498KG
  • Compatible With DC 12V/20Ah Battery
  • Motor Power:12V / 550W
  • Tyre Diameter:8.3 inch
  • Gear Ratio:494:1
  • Speed: 6-7meters/min
  • Move On Incline :not more than 7 degrees
  • Adjustable Bracket Height:31cm to 53cm
  • Brake: Automatic Brake Function



  • Carton Dimensions:77cm x 39cm x 29cm
  • 1 x 12V Motorized Trailer Mover Body
  • 1 x Operating Handle Bar Switch
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Lock and 4 x Keys
  • 4 x Cable Ties
  • 1 x Mounting bolts





1. Jack is rated at 2722kg pulling weight and 498kg jockey wheel load. Overloads can damage the Mini Mover, motor, tire etc.
2. Check if the handle positioning key totally screwed with Mini Mover before you start operation.
3. Check if battery leads correctly connect to battery terminals. Don’t use leads that being shatered, squashed or any damage.
4. Do not rely on Mini Mover to provide the braking or stopping capability for the caravan or trailer.
5. Do not attempt to tow caravan while Mini Mover still fitted and in contact with the ground, this will damage the unit.
6. Mini Mover is not specifically designed to move a caravan on sand, gravel & soft soil



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