Mitsukota Digital Measuring Wheel

Mitsukota Digital Measuring Wheel

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With an impressive accuracy of 99.9%, the Mitsukota Digital Measuring Wheel will literally give you a perfect handle on accurate measuring. It features a detachable lightweight and adjustable grip, backlit six-digit LCD display, automatic unit conversion, and data memory and measuring-wheel inclusion for precise wall-to-wall measurements. And capable of measuring at 13km/h for up to 99,999.9m, it really goes the distance, too. So, forget kinking tapes and inaccurate analogue wheels and order your Mitsukota digital measuring wheel today!


Equipped with your Mitsukota , you can quickly and easily take any measurement. Take it for a spin on the open road and it will go on and on for nearly 100km. Walk it around the hills and bends of your property, and you will have the exact length of your fence. Get on a roll indoors, and you will have precise room areas and volumes in no time. Wherever there is a distance to measure, there is use for your Mitsukota.


Featuring automatic unit conversion, an easy-read backlit LCD display, automatic inclusion of wheel diameter for accurate wall-to-wall measurements and 99.9% accuracy, your Mitsukota provides heaps of answers. And it really only asks one question: how could you ever do this with a measuring tape or analogue wheel?


So, order your Mitsukota digital measuring wheel today and start doing the easy yards.



  • 99.9% accuracy

  • Backlit six-digit LCD display

  • Automatic meter/foot/yard unit conversion

  • Automatic shutdown

  • 13km/h measuring speed

  • Detachable lightweight aluminum handle

  • Adjustable working height for optimal ergonomics

  • Four 1.5V AAA batteries

  • Carry bag

  • 12-month Australian warranty

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