Metabo 1350W 216mm Slide Crosscut Laser Mitre Saw

Metabo 1350W 216mm Slide Crosscut Laser Mitre Saw

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  • With sliding function for wide work pieces.
  • For sawing wood, coated panels and plastics
  • Non-slip rubber surface on handle and upper carry handle
  • Lateral handles
  • Transport lock and cable winder
  • Turntable with precise angle adjustment
  • Die-cast aluminum work bench
  • Laser for exact display of the cut
  • Freely adjustable table extension on both sides with a practical support surface and integrated crosscut fence
  • Integrated working light
  • Integrated cutting depth control
  • Saw blade stop for easy saw blade change
  • All scales visible from the working position
  • Chip collection bag for clean air at the workplace



  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 820mm x 543mm x 355mm
  • Support surface: 365mm x 700mm
  • Maximum cutting width: 90º: 305mm & 45º: 205mm
  • Maximum cutting depth: 90º: 65mm & 45º: 36mm
  • Maximum cross-section of the workpiece:
  • Straight cut 90º/90º: 305mm x 65mm
  • Double mitre 45º/45º: 205mm x 36mm
  • Idle revolution: 5,000/min
  • Revolutions at rated load: 3,756/min
  • Cutting speed: 42m/s
  • Saw blade diameter: 216mm x 30mm
  • Turntable setting: Left: 47º & Right: 47º
  • Saw blade tilt: Left: 45º & Right: 0º
  • Rated input power: 1.5kW
  • weight: 14kg



  • Carbide circular saw blade with alternately bevel-ground tooth (40 teeth)
  • 2 table length extensions
  • High guide profiles that can be moved at the sides
  • Workpiece clamp
  • Tool for saw blade change
  • Chip collection bags
  • Laser



  • Our power tools have a particularly long service life. Since repairs are so rarely required, Metabo has developed an additional warranty for you - the XXL-warranty.
  • If you register, the normal warranty is extended to 3 years. 
  • Prerequisite is the sales receipt together with the XXL warranty certificate that you can generate after registering your machines.
  • You can register within the first 4 weeks after the purchase.

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