Multi Line Laser Level with Plumb Dot Kit

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Multi Line Laser Level with Plumb Dot KitLufkin Automatic Levelling Multi Line Laser
Automatic Multi Line Laser with Plumb Dot KitLufkin Automatic Levelling Line Laser



  • Pendulum Lock

  • Locked Line Angle

  • Automatic Levelling (up to 5 degrees)

  • Horizontal, Vertical, Plumb & Cross Line Options

  • Auto-Off Feature

  • Low Battery Indicator

  • Pulse Mode

  • 1/4” Tripod Mount

  • 5/8” Tripod Mount with mounting bracket

  • Screw / Nail Attachment Hole

  • Strap Raceways

  • Magnets



  • Carpentry: Level and set cabinets and counter tops and Install trim

  • Stair Layout: Level and plumb decks, plumb framing and partition walls, plumb windows and door frames

  • Concrete: Set forms and footings

  • Electrical: Level electrical outlets, transfer lighting layout from floor to ceiling using plumb beam

  • Plumbing: Layout piping, sewer lines, drainage and supply lines, transfer sprinkler system layout from floor to ceiling using plumb beam

  • Interior Decorating: Picture hanging, wall or floor tiling, wallpapering



  • Accuracy: ± 3mm @ 10m

  • Self-levelling Range: ± 5°

  • Plumb beams: ± 1.5mm @ 5m

  • Outdoor Mode: Up to 50m outdoors, working with laser detector

  • Operating Range: 30m indoors

  • Fan Angle: 140° vertical and 130° horizontal

  • Out-of-level Indication: Blinking laser lines and audible alarm

  • Unit Tripod Mount: ¼” x 20 camera tripod

  • Pendulum Lock/Off protects: pendulum during transportation and storage for added durability

  • Unit Dimensions: 110mm x 57mm x 97mm

  • Unit Weight: 470g

  • Universal Mount Dimensions: 89mm x 57mm x 46mm

  • Universal Mount Weight: 200g

  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +70°C

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

  • Laser Diode Class: IIIA 635nm diodes

  • Power Supply: 3 “AA” batteries

  • Operating time: 12 hours continuous using 2 lines



  • Lufkin Laser (LCL4)

  • Lufkin Tripod

  • Strap

  • Square

  • Universal mount

  • User guide

  • 3 “AA” batteries

  • Pouch

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