Kincrome 8pce Combination Gear Spanner Set

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  • 8 Combination Spanners Metric: Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19mm

  • The Kincrome spanner range is complimented by a superb range of Gear Spanners, and is ideal for many industries, trade professionals and home handymen.

  • The Kincrome Gear Spanner has all the benefits of standard spanners and more.

  • With 72 teeth, the strong fine gear ratcheting ring end needs as little as 5° of sweep to move fastener, a standard fixed ring end needs a minimum of 30°, or 6 times the area.

  • Kincrome Gear Spanner ratcheting ring end has a Peripheral Drive TM configuration that virtually eliminates the rounding off of fasteners.

  • Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium Steel and are fully hardened and tested to meet or exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) torque specifications offering high torque capabilities, outstanding quality and performance.

  • Combined with the ‘Fine Tooth’ technology Kincrome Gear Spanners are the ‘state of the art’ in spanners, and come with a handy plastic storage case.

  • The narrow and thin head, combined with fine gear tooth design makes the Kincrome Gear Spanner suitable for working in tight and hard to access areas where a ratchet and socket will not fit.

  • Ideal for use on long bolts and threaded rods.



  • The Flex Head Gear Spanner can be positioned at a desired angle - within a 180° range, allowing the user to reach fasteners on corners or in extremely angular locations

  • The Flex Head Gear Spanner provides outstanding torque bearing capacity while working in tight, confined areas.

  • The Flex Head Gear ring head has directional arrows on both sides indicating either forward or reverse direction.

  • Ideal for use on hard-to-access fasteners.

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