KeyGuard Punch Button Lockbox

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Superior Key Storage

Available in 4 Styles

Eliminate the hassle of trying to locate loose keys in your bag or pockets. The KeyGuard Pro lock box keeps them in one secure location. Whether you’re running daily errands or enjoying the outdoors, this useful accessory will take one more thing off of your mind and get you in the door faster.


Heavy Duty All Metal Key Storage

The SL-501 KeyGuard Pro all metal lock box is exceedingly tough and durable. The full metal body is great for enduring the elements while securing the objects inside. This KeyGuard Pro also offers the advantage of a dual purpose shackle or wall mount option. Other lockboxes on the market don’t offer this great advantage or the amount of storage that this key storage box contains.


Largest Capacity Shackle Lock Box on the Market

The extra-large storage capacity is great for key fobs, access cards, business cards, etc. Compared to other lock boxes on the market this has the largest storage capacity of any shackle lock box. It’s great for real estate agents, property managers, cleaning & maintenance personnel, family, care-givers and more.


Secure Your Keys and Valuables

Stop worrying about hiding your keys under door mats and rocks. With familiar key pad entry (like texting) the SL-501 allows for number or easy-to-remember letter combinations. Using letters is not only easy to remember but can also be used for company names, marketing messages and personalized code. Having both combination options available is a great feature that most lock boxes on the market don’t have


Easy to Use – Change the Combination When Desired

The large punch buttons on the front are easy to view and use. Don’t waste any time getting in and out of your lock box. This extremely tough and secure key storage box comes with a built-in key that activates each button when pressed. Changing the combination is easy to do at any time on the back of the faceplate once the correct code has been entered. This is the ultimate purchase for anyone wanting a high quality large metal lock box that will last and always keep your keys secure.



  • KeyGuard lockbox provides sturdy and secure keyless access for friends, family, or guests that need entry when no one is around with easy to use push buttons

  • Codes are easily memorized with familiar phone style keypad – no more spinning dials and scrunching your eyes to see if it is on the correct digit or hash mark

  • KeyGuard provides ample and highly secure interior storage space for your valuables – it will hold keys as well as car keys, fobs, and credit cards/IDs

  • Tough ABS plastic coated vault with metal frame infrastructure protects surfaces from scratches and the door on the front keeps the keypad hidden from sight

  • The KeyGuard has all kinds of uses and is the perfect solution for home owners, realtors, property management, vacation rentals, care-givers or anyone else

  • Holds keys, fobs, cash and cards

  • Features alphanumeric punch buttons

  • Made of non-ferrous metal

  • Loop over door knob or mount to wall



  • Manufacturer: KeyGuard

  • Item Model Number: SL-501

  • Size: Large Capacity Shackle

  • Colour: Black Finish

  • Item Package Quantity: 1

  • Item Weight: 544 g

  • Product Dimensions: 7.11 x 8.89 x 17.78 cm



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