Indoor Mounting Tape 1.27cm x 1.9m

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Scotch Indoor Mounting Tape makes it so easy to beautify and organise your space quickly and easily. Whether you're creating a gallery wall or affixing the family chore chart, this permanent double-sided foam tape delivers a strong bond every time. Your work is up and ready to admire, no nails or hammer required. Never let how you're going to hang it get in the way of your creativity with the powerful adhesion of Scotch Indoor Mounting Tape.


From the Manufacturer

Scotch Indoor Mounting Tape. A double-coated foam tape that adheres and conforms to a variety of surfaces. Faster, safer, and more versatile than screws or nails, this general purpose mounting tape is designed for attaching items up to five pounds to virtually any smooth wall or surface.



  • Holds up to 4kg, 22cm holds 1kg

  • Mount organisational caddies in the home office or kitchen, chalkboards, decorative signs or plaques

  • Ideal for indoor use only, no need for nails and screws

  • Double coated foam tape that inflexible, soft and conformable

  • Bonds to any smooth, indoor surface


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