CTEK MXS 2500 MULTI XS25000 EXT MXT14 Wall Hanger 300

CTEK MXS 2500 MULTI XS25000 EXT MXT14 Wall Hanger 300

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WALL HANGER 300 (wall hanger) has been specially designed to allow the larger CTEK chargers to be mounted on wall, ramp posts or hung off vehicle doors.


The WALL HANGER 300 comprises a plate that can be attached directly to the back of the charger (screws provided) with a hook for safely storing cables.


A mounting plate, BRACKET, is included and can be mounted on walls or ramp posts. The wall hanger has rubber feet to avoid scratching vehicle paintwork.




  • A Plate That Can Be Attached Directly To the Back of the Charger
  • Includes Bracket That Can Be Mounted on Walls Or Ramp Posts




  • Included: Wall Bracket 331x134x86 mm
  • Suits: MXS 25000; MULTI XS 25000 Ext; MXT 14


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