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The Bosch EasyPrune Cordless Secateurs for Maximum Cutting Power


The Bosch EasyPrune power-assisted secateurs take gardening work to the next level. The EasyPrune can be used as you would standard secateurs, but there's a key difference: a micro electric motor provides extra force when cutting, the amount of force it delivers can be adjusted depending on how much force is needed to complete the cut. Prevent hand fatigue and unnecessary strains with the EasyPrune. Minimum grip strength is needed to make powerful cuts in branches.


The EasyPrune cordless secateurs are perfect for everyday gardening tasks. Equipped with power assist technology, the Easy Prune will complete a cut for you, preventing hand strains. Whether you're pruning flowers, trimming hedges or cutting back shrubs - it lets you cut branches up to 25 millimeters in diameter with ease. The EasyPrune uses a bypass cutting system, whereby the two premium-quality stainless steel blades glide past one another. This enables you to cut branches without having to stop or keep repositioning the secateurs in the process. The clean cut helps promote healthy tree growth. The battery charge level indicator shows you how charging is progressing and how much battery power the cordless secateurs have left when you are using them.



  • Effortlessly cut branches up to 25 mm with power assist technology

  • Clean-cut pruning - supports healthy plant pruning, by providing a clean cut

  • Easily recharge with the dedicated Bosch micro USB charger

  • Bypass cutting system with two stainless steel blades

  • Battery status indicator gives quick information about charge level of the battery



  • Max. cut diameter: 25 mm

  • Max. cutting performance per battery charge: Up to 450 cuts with a max

  • Battery charge time: 3.5 h

  • Battery power: 3.6 V/1.5 Ah

  • Weight: 490 g



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