Compact Pass-Thru Crimper

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As an American manufacturer of hand tools for more than 160 years, Klein Tools makes premium-quality, professional-grade tools that deliver performance, durability and precision. Our team continues to put six generations of expertise into each tool by using the highest quality materials and superior workmanship.


Klein Tools doesn't just make great products, we make great products that stand up to the demands of the professionals who use them every day … Since 1857.


Compact Pass-Thru Crimper, Modular Crimper Cutter Stripper for Pass-Thu RJ45 Data Plugs


Reduce prep work time significantly with Pass-Thru technology. This compact tool crimps paired-conductor cables (STP/UTP). Wiring diagram on the tool helps eliminate rework and reduce wasted materials.



  • Crimps and trims Klein Tools' RJ45 Pass-Thru connectors in one step

  • Trims flush to end face of connector to eliminate unintended contact between conductors

  • On-tool wiring guide helps minimize wiring errors

  • Fast, reliable RJ45 Pass-Thru modular crimp-connector installation for data applications

  • Use with Klein Tools Pass-Thru Connectors

  • Not for use with standard (non Pass-Thru) connectors

  • Replacement blades available (Cat. No. VDV999-078)


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