M6 Direct Connector Eyelet Adaptor

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Ctek fully automatic battery chargers are one of the top brands in the world. It only takes four basic steps to fully charge all battery’s: Desulphation runs a complete charge cycle within seconds, Bulk is when most of the battery capacity is recovered, Absorption is an almost constant voltage where the battery will be fully charged and Pulse is the maintenance charge giving battery's maximum life. Ctek chargers can be connected for months without harm to your battery's or vehicle. Offering a range of different connectors, including quick connectors for difficult to reach terminals the Ctek battery charger is a great all-round product. To fully understand the power of Ctek charger you must be aware that each charger runs on a low 12 voltage with controlled currents in order to protect the battery and provide it with a maximum service life. Easy to use LED Panels with assisted clamps make the Ctek battery chargers one of the smartest battery chargers in the world. Box Contains-1 x Battery Charger with Direct Connector (6.3mm) 12 Volts.



  • Quality Product

  • Completely splash and dust proof

  • Extremely convenient and easy to fit



  • Brand: CTEK

  • Model: 56-260

  • Item Weight: 31.8 g

  • Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 2.2 x 9.5 cm

  • Origin: Sweden

  • Position: Left

  • Folding: No

  • Cover Included: COMFORT CONNECT

  • CAPA Certified: IP65


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