Cigweld Transmig Multi Process Welding Inverter Kit

Cigweld Transmig Multi Process Welding Inverter Kit

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  • The CIGWELD TRANSMIG 220i is a self contained single phase multi process welding inverter that is capable of performing GMAW/FCAW (MIG), MMAW (Stick) and GTAW (Lift TIG) welding processes. 
  • The unit is equipped with an integrated wire feed unit, voltage reduction device (VRD applicable in Stick mode only), digital voltage and amperage meters, and a host of other features in order to fully satisfy the broad operating needs of the modern welding professional.


  • 220A (MIG Mode) 3-in-1 MIG-Stick-Lift TIG Inverter Welder
  • Digital Amperage and Voltage Meters
  • Full multi process capabilities; MIG, Stick and Lift TIG
  • Integrated Wire Feed Unit – Spools up to 15kg or 300mm
  • Standards compliant VRD
  • Fully compliant to AS 60974.1-2006. Enclosure Rated to IP23S - Designed for Indoor & Outdoor use.
  • Arc Control (Inductance) for adjusting intensity of the arc
  • Adjustable Burnback Control for controlling MIG wire stick out
  • Euro MIG Torch Connection
  • Accepts Mechafin style 2R feedrolls
  • Robust 50mm² Dinse twist lock connections
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Processes: MIG (GMAW/FCAW), STICK (MMAW), TIG (GTAW)
  • Supply Voltage 240V +/- 15%, (15 Amp Plug)
  • Welding Current Range: 10 - 220A MIG (GMAW/FCAW), 10 - 200A STICK (MMAW), 10 - 200A TIG (GTAW)
  • Duty Cycle: 

                 - MIG (GMAW/FCAW): 220A @ 20%, 25.0V (40°C, 10mins) 
                 - STICK (MMAW): 200A @ 25%, 28.0V (40°C, 10mins) 
                 - TIG (GTAW): 200A @ 25%, 18.0V (40°C, 10mins)

  • Minimum Single Phase Generator Recommended Generator** 10.0 kVA (at 0.8 Power Factor) 8.0 kW (at 1.0 Power Factor)
  • Weight Power source: 26kg; Plant (packed): 34kg
  • Dimensions Power source: 435mm(H) x 266mm(W) x 617mm(D)



  • Transmig 220i Inverter power source
  • Tweco Professional Fusion 250 MIG Torch, 3m
  • COMET Professional Argon Regulator/Flowmeter
  • Feed Rolls: 0.6/0.8mm V Groove (fitted), 0.9/1.2mm V Groove, 1.0/1.2mm U Groove; 0.8/0.9mm V Knurled; 1.2/1.6mm V Knurled
  • Contact Tips: 0.8mm (fitted), 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm
  • Twist Lock Electrode Holder with 4m Lead
  • Work Clamp with 4m Lead
  • Shielding Gas Hose Assembly
  • Operating manual (not pictured)




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