Baumr-AG Wire Fencing Strainer

Baumr-AG Wire Fencing Strainer

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"Straining Fencing


Simply connect the two ends to the fence wires and pull the lever a few times. Tie off the wires. Done. It's so easy, you can do it all by yourself - and thanks to an ingenious swivel mechanism, you can do it whether you're left- or right-handed, too.

The result literally speaks for itself; it's easy to tell which fence has been stretched with the 1,000kg Baumr-AG (it's the one that goes "ping!" when you touch it). And it's a result that the heavy-duty Baumr-AG will pull off year after year. This tool is so tough, it comes with a full one-year warranty (and, yes, we do know what you put your tools through). So, do yourself and your animals a favour and order the Baumr-AG today!




  • Chain Length: 1.2m
  • Wire: Suitable for plain or barbed
  • Material: Zinc impregnated steel
  • Maximum Capacity of Pressure: 1000kg



  • 1 x Chain Strainer




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