Baumr-AG Self Leveling Cross Line Laser

Baumr-AG Self Leveling Cross Line Laser

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Self Leveling Laser Cross Rotary Rotating Plumb Beam
Self Leveling Laser On off switch Self Leveling Laser Plumb Beam
Laser Level Line battery Self Leveling Laser
Laser Level Rotating Self Leveling Cross Rotary Rotating


The 635 Series places building and modern interior design right at your fingertips, with quick and easy setup, Highly Accurate Spirit Levelling, Tri-adjustable Positioning Feet, Pendulum Zero and an ultra-sensitive Movement Alarm - ensuring absolute precision every time.

The 635 Nano Metre laser module provides a clear, bright and stable indication beam, perfect for marking out, performing accurate frame/truss work, carpentry, shelving or any project where X marks the spot. The 635 Series offers the most advanced positioning system on the market giving you complete peace of mind whether you're a home handy man or professional tradesman.

With razor sharp accuracy, line your entire working area with floor-to-ceiling. Those of you that have used older type general laser levels can forget about blurry indistinct lines - the 635 has a >10m indoor working distance and is 360° rotatable with the clearest and brightest lines on the market.

Do you demand the best? Don't compromise on the accuracy of your project.





  • Out of Level Alarm Shut Down - Guaranteed Accuracy Every Time
  • 635nm Ultra-Fine Bright Semiconductor Lasers
  • Able to project 4 Vertical Lines, 1 Horizontal Line, 1 Plumb Beam
  • 360 Degrees Rotation and Adjustment
  • Rotational Locking Off Mechanism
  • 5/8" Tripod Mounting Base Included
  • BONUS! Protective Glasses
  • BONUS! Premium Aluminium Carry Case
  • Professional Trade Instrument
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