96 Bins Storage Rack

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Get a discounted price when you get four of these! Looking at your garage, tools and small things are scattering everywhere? You can make it look more organised and tidy, just by getting this bins and tools holder! As easy as that. It's a perfect solution for storing your tools and accessories in your garage or storage room. Making it easier to look for the right tools in a short time! Plus, detachable bins idea makes your work easier by going around with it and still have it tidy in a bin. You can also use stickers or marker pen to label your bin, makes it much easier to look for the right tool whenever you need them! On the peg board, you can also hang your tools on the pin holes easily. Wait no more! Get them now and see the difference it will make to your work area!



  • Perfect solution for tools and accessories storage

  • 3 bin sizes for different tools and accessories

  • Heavy duty storage material

  • Upgraded mounting slot design for extra stability

  • Labelling spot w/ sticker or marker pen

  • Detachable bin design

  • Ultra-durable peg board

  • Layout can be changed easily

  • Keep work area neat and tidy



  • Bin pcs: 96

  • 48 x Small Bin Dimension: 10 x 9 x 5cm

  • 32 x Medium Bin Dimension: 10 x 16 x 7cm

  • 16 x Large Bin Dimension: 10 x 21 x 7cm

  • 4 x Peg Board Dimension: 48 x 54cm

  • Total capacity: 192kg

  • Small bin: 1kg/bin

  • Medium bin: 2.5kg/bin

  • Large bin: 4kg/bin



  • 1 x 96 Bins Storage Rack


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