Xcell 9-Stage 4A Intelligent Digital Battery Charger

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The New Xcell D94 Smart Battery Charger has hit the market to bring your flat battery back to life. Innovatively designed to charge various types of lead-acid batteries and GEL cell batteries - whether WET or AGM, it will deliver a clean re-charge with no risk of damaging or overcharging. Ideal for both domestic and professional use, the D94 is the go to device to deliver optimal vehicle performance.


Unlike other intelligent battery chargers on the market, the New Xcell D94 Smart Battery Charger has integrated a 9 step fully automatic charging cycle coupled with an internal microprocessor to ensure your battery receives a state of the art charging program. It’s equipped with a host of intelligent features such as controlled peak voltage to eliminate the risk of overcharging and a spark proof design for superior safety. The adjustable functions and output make the unit compatible for multiple battery types catering to a variety of programs - 12V 1A-4A, 6V 1A, Winter, Auto Repair and Battery Recovery.


This smart battery charger will deliver years of dependable service. Use a certified battery charger to foster your battery’s optimum performance. The New Xcell D94 Smart Battery Charger does it all for you!  This is a no-fuss investment to push your car battery to its full potential.  Order yours today!



  • 99-stage fully automatic charging cycle

  • Perfect for 12V/24V lead-acid batteries (Wet, AGM and GEL)

  • Precisely controlled peak voltage

  • Internal micro-processor

  • High frequency technology

  • Adjustable functions and output: DC 12V 1-4A, 6V 1A, winter, Auto Repair and Battery Recovery

  • Spark proof

  • Compatible with various types of vehicles

  • Carefully-designed components prevent damage from short circuit polarity reversal

  • Portable, lightweight and durable



  • Brand: Xcell

  • Model: D94

  • Rated Voltage /Input: AC 220-240V; 50-60Hz

  • Amp Hour: 12-80Ah

  • Output:  12V 1A, 12V 4A, 6V 1A

  • Rated Current:  0.45Amp

  • Battery types: Lead Acid - AGM, GEL, WET

  • Charging type: 9-step; Fully Automatic Charging Cycle


NOTE: Not suitable for use with Lithium batteries. Good ventilation in charging is essential and required as charging lead-acid batteries will produce hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. Though the product has a spark proof system and reverse polarity protection, this does not eliminate all risk during battery charging.​



  • 1x Xcell D94 Smart Battery Charger

  • 1x Standard Clamps

  • 1x Eyelet Connectors

  • User Manual is Available Online

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