8 Pcs ESD Anti-Static Stainless Steel Tweezers

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The GWHOLE professional-quality tweezers are designed to meet the requirements of the electronics and precision engineering industries, which will give you the tools you need for all sorts of high-precision work.



  • Made of finest stainless steel, non-magnetic and resistant to most acids and other corrosive agents

  • Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) coating helps protect delicate electronic components from static damage

  • Matte black surface finish provides excellent non-slip handling and precision machined for exact alignment and a perfect grip at the tips

  • 8 different sizes and configurations to fit all purposes. Excellent for electronics, jewelry and other fine crafts, medical and laboratory work, cosmetic hair removal, and much more

  • Warranty: We offer 30 days money back and one-year NO Questions asked warranty GUARANTEE



  • Item Weight: 132 g

  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 1 cm

  • Batteries Included: No

  • Batteries Required: No

  • Materials: stainless steel with anti-static ESD coating



  • 1 pc. ESD-10 fine tip, straight (110mm)

  • 1 pc. ESD-11: extremely fine and sharp tip, straight (140mm)

  • 1 pc. ESD-12: fine tip, straight (135mm)

  • 1 pc. ESD-13: rounded spade tip, straight (115mm)

  • 1 pc. ESD-14: super fine tip, straight (110mm)

  • 1 pc. ESD-15: fine tip, angled (120mm)

  • 1 pc. ESD-16: heavy-weight pointed tip (130mm)

  • 1 pc. ESD-17: 25-degree fine tip curved



  • The peak is hard and sharp, please keep it well. Do not use it exceed the use range.



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