26CC Leaf Blower Vacuum

26CC Leaf Blower Vacuum

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Blow and vacuum. Two words that you would want to hear when it comes to clearing leaves, sticks and debris from your gardening duties. And that's exactly what the Giantz 2-in-1 Pro Series Blower and Vacuum does. Switching between both tasks without a hitch within seconds.


Running at a maximum speed of 11,00rpm, the machine is a mega efficient worker, tidying up the lawn in no time. Thanks to its quiet 2-stroke 26cc 0.7kW low emission engine that's engineered for maximum output and durable performance. More importantly, with its twin functions, clearing debris and collecting them is a breeze with the Blower and Vacuum.


With a choice of using either a flat or round nozzle, you can tailor the machine to your specific task. Its dual-weighted crankshaft also gives it a well-balanced and lightweight feel that you抣l truly appreciate when operating for long hours. Not least, you'll also get a bonus spark plug as a spare.


So get the power to do your yard chores done in double quick time with the Giantz 2-in-1 Blower and Vacuum.




  • 26cc two-stroke petrol engine
  • Blower and vacuum
  • 2 round nozzles and 1 flat nozzles
  • Dual-weighted crankshaft
  • Lightweight one-hand operation
  • Lower emissions
  • Quiet operation
  • Well balanced and comfortable to use
  • Large vacuum bag
  • 12-month Australian warranty




  • Engine type: 2-Stroke
  • Engine power: 26cc
  • Output power: 0.75KW
  • Fuel type: Regular Unleaded 95+ RON
  • Fuel capacity: 1250ml
  • Air volume (m3/s): 0.13
  • Idle speed: 3,300RPM
  • Maximum speed: 11,000RPM
  • Engine oil type: 10W-30/ 10W-40/ 15W-30/ 15W-40 non-synthetic oil (not included)




  • 1 x Leaf Blower and Vacuum
  • 1 x Vacuum Bag
  • 3 x Nozzles
  • 1 x Assembly Tool Kit set
  • 1 x User Manual

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