GenPower 200W Step-Down Transformer

GenPower 200W Step-Down Transformer

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The GENPOWER GSD200 converts alternating current (AC) 240 volts into 110 volts (also compatible with 115v & 120V) to allow your US appliance to run in Australia. Just plug the transformer into an Aussie power socket & the appliance into the power outlet of the transformer!

 Most foreign market appliances today have a wide variance in rated voltage and plug type, thus the GENPOWER GSD-Series Stepdown with its unique universal output socket gives you the ability to plug in and run just about any appliance from any country.

 What’s more, is not only does the GENPOWER GSD200 Step Down Voltage, its Solid State Construction ensures accurate even voltage protecting your valuable appliances. That's right, simply plug in any 110V appliance under 200W and enjoy - A truly fantastic unit!


Safety and Quality Guaranteed


Rest assured, the GENPOWER GSD200 offers the ultimate in clean stable pure sine wave output, ensuring the safety and proper function of your sensitive appliances. Essential for your home or office when purchasing heavily discounted appliances from the US. GENPOWER GSD-Series are backed in Australia; C-tick approved, fully compliant with mandatory EMC legislation plus supported by a 12 month warranty.




  • Latest SOLID STATE Series - Converts 240V to 110V
  • Pure Sine Output
  • Powerful 200W Rated Output
  • Works with both 50 and 60Hz
  • The only Stepdown to feature a 'polarised' universal connection plug for ALL 110v/115v/120v countries including USA, Japan, Europe, Middle East and so on
  • Ultra-Portable and Lightweight - Great for Travel
  • Fully compliant with AS/NZS standards
  • Full 12 months Warranty



  • Maximum Watts: 200Watts
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz (dual compatibility)
  • Input Voltage: AC 200-240V
  • Output Voltage: AC 100V-120V
  • Cord Length: 300mm



  • 1x Step-Down Transformer
  • 1x User's Manual

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