850A 12V Portable Emergency Jump Starter

850A 12V Portable Emergency Jump Starter

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  • 850A peak current jump start a 12V vehicle

  • SAA Approved AC Charger

  • Torch Ultra-bright LED flash light, strobe light, and signal light for lighting or SOS

  • Digital Products Charging - Two port USB 5V/2.1A output allow for simultaneous charging of your Smartphone Tablet Laptop digital Camera MP3 MP4 PSP NDSL GBASP and other 5V digital devices

  • Compact design make it easy to carry, you can put it in packet, backpack, or handbag

  • Adopted with advanced intelligent circuitry and multiple security protection design protection features: over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection

  • Cannot support commercial use, must be for personal use only



  • Connect the battery clamps to the vehicle's battery terminal

  • Plug the cord of jump cable into the jump starter socket

  • Start the vehicle

  • Remove the jump cable from jump starter

  • Disconnect the clamps from the vehicle



  • As a car jump starter: (under 5.0L engine), Dirt bikes, ATV/ATC, Motorcycles, SUVs (Under 5.0L engine), Boats, Jet Ski (Gasoline engine under 5.0L, Diesel engine under 3.0L)

  • As a power bank: smartphone Tablet Laptop digital Camera MP3 MP4 PSP NDSL GBASP and other 5V digital devices.



  • When starting the car, please firmly and correctly insert the blue plug of battery clip to the device, otherwise, it will affect the starting function, what's worse, the plastic of the battery clips may be melt.

  • If fail to start the car, please check whether the battery clips are connected well, or whether the battery connectors are rusty or contaminated. If so, please clean it.

  • After three-time failure of start trying, please stop starting. As it may damage the car, please check if there are any other problems of the car.

  • Don't directly connect the two battery clips, it may cause safety accident.

  • Don't disassemble the device by your own, it may cause safety accident



  • Model: T30

  • Capacity: 76800mAh

  • The car boot port: 12V

  • USB Port: One 5V 2.1;Another 5V/1A

  • Input: CV/CC 15V/1A

  • Starting current: >850A

  • Peak current: 850A(12V)

  • LED life: 100,000H

  • Cycle life: 3000times

  • Fully charge time: 3-4 hours

  • Size: 178x84x45mm

  • Box Size: 268x195x80mm

  • Weight: 1.4kg(including box)/ 0.58kg(Device only)



  • 1 x Multi-function Jump Starter Device

  • 1 Set of Accessories

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Tool Box

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