10pcs Panel Trim Removal Tools Kit

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THE MOST USEFUL AND RECOMMENDED ON THE MARKET- 10pcs premium grade auto upholstery tools set, use for installing and removing automotive audio equipments, door and window trim, moldings, panels, emblems and clips.


GREAT TOOLS KIT FOR CAR MODIFICATION: all tools are molded according to car trimming needs on the market, moderate curve that is not sharp. Cars such as RVs (recreational vehicle), SUVs, Pick-Up, Sedan, Coupe...you name it...And even can be used for Boats.


PROFESSIONAL TOOLS KIT STURDY AND EASY TO USE: Reliable auto trim removal tools kit will not break easily.


PROTECTS YOUR CAR'S UPHOLSTERY - Our Trim removal tools kit will not scratch on surface easily, they are anti-scratches and harmless design to car paint in the whole modification.


STURDY METAL FASTENER REMOVER HELPS STRENGTH, to pry up panels and pop open panel retaining pins if needed. Package includes 8 plastic panel removal tool + 2 fastener remover to facilitate your needs when repairing.


We are glad to providing outstanding products and not to let you down. We wish you will enjoy using our tools doing great modifications to the car.


During big strength needed occasions, please use the metal fastener remover to help as METAL IS ALWAYS STRONGER THAN PLASTICS.



  • 10pcs Panel Trim Removal Tools Kit is perfect for installing and removing audio equipment, door and window trim, moldings, panels, dashboard and clips. They can prevent scratching and damage to vehicle paint leather chrome etc.

  • Durable plastic and metal material building up the products which are having advantages of high abrasion resistance, heat resistance, low coefficient of friction, good electrical and dielectric properties.

  • Universal pry bar fastener removal tools for various of vehicles, boats, RV's, etc. Multi-use panel tool anywhere inside your vehicle. Auto upholstery tools for hard to reach spaces and crevices.

  • Tools are designed to remove internal moldings, interior trim, upholstery, door and dash panels, wheel hubs and more. Commonly used in auto body repair shops, upholstery shops, marine shops, DIYs and RV shops.



  • 2 x Steel Fastener Remover

  • 8 x Plastic Panel Removal Tools


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