10-Inch Saw Blade Combo Pack

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Ultra thin kerf saw blade for use with miter saws and table saws. Includes 2 blades, both 10" diameter, alternate top bevel, +5 degree hook angle, .071" plate, .097" kerf. No.DW3103 (SKU 271.9524) 32 teeth, general purpose blade for all-purpose cutting in natural wood, plywood and wood composites. No.DW3106 (SKU 656.4363) 60 teeth, fine crosscut blade for fine crosscuts in natural wood, plywood and wood composites.



  • Tougher tungsten carbide stays sharper longer

  • Thin kerf for fast and smooth cutting action and The arbor size is 5/8”.

  • Computer-balanced plate reduces vibration for improved accuracy and better finish

  • Durable tungsten carbide maintains true edge

  • Best used for miter saw and slide miter saw jobs


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