5 Huski Jackets to Wear to Work This Year

Being ready for what the elements might throw at you is essential for keeping warm and dry this coming winter. On days when the sun’s out but the mercury refuses to rise too high, a good jacket or vest could be a blessing in disguise However, sometimes it can be tricky to choose the right jacket, with factors like quality, Continue Reading

6 Things to Look for in Anti Impact Gloves

  Whether if you're working in construction, oil and gas, auto, or even just trying to put a nail in the wall to hang that beautiful photo, 90% of the work you do with any tool is usually done with your hands, and depending on the nature of the project and tools, your hands can be subject to different types Continue Reading

Top 5 Puma Safety Shoes to Buy in 2019

For many tradies and craftsmen, the importance of work boots cannot be undervalued,  . The right pair of safety shoes can do more than just protect your toes. Quality work boots can also protect against slippery surfaces, extreme temperatures, sharp nails,  and even electrical charges. And for many years Puma has been known as one of the best manufacturers of Continue Reading

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